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Rachel never considered herself a business woman, despite the fact that she’d grown up in her Mum’s business, had been in business with her husband for twenty years, and started her own copywriting business.  Joining business development group Rachel soon realised she was a bit of a veteran and did in fact have valuable business experience to share with the group.

Running Aerial Master in Palmerston North for twenty years hadn’t filled Rachel’s bucket, so she’d recently branched out, following her passion for words and starting her copywriting business: You Have My Word.  With fresh excitement towards her work Rachel wanted to make sure she had all the tools she could to not only make sure You Have My Word was the best business it could be, but to also make sure that Aerial Master received a spruce up too. While she was concerned that the content could be very profit focused and pompous, Rachel actually found a group of people struggling with a lot of similar issues as herself, such as trying to juggle many different roles in their business at the same time. The course was structured foundationally on values with profit focused on near the end of the year. These values which aligned with her values and the personal focus that shone through the course were refreshing. The well structured course over a ten month period made it easy to look at the key learning’s in an organised format, away from the hustle and bustle of daily business stresses. Rachel realised the importance of taking time to ‘work on her business and not in it’ (all the time) and gained inspiration from other group members’ business practices and stories.

The BDG course has helped to raise some self-awareness for Rachel around her strengths including that she has a good deal of business experience but can always learn new and useful skills. Furthermore preparing a board report each month was a valuable exercise to not only focus on issues and information for the month but also to take the time to reflect on what she’d achieved.  Because of her writing strengths Rachel always had her board report nicely written and in on time.

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