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Total Stockcrates Limited - Built on existing skills from Advanced Accounting's Business Development Group

A regal office at Total Stockcrates in Feilding is where you get a window into managing director Robin Fellingham’s unique personality. You can tell a lot about him by looking at his quirky displays and the modified filing cabinets with spanners for handles, which he created himself. There’s also a handy window opposite his desk that provides a view straight into the expansive workshop where a team of seventeen employees work on building and repairing stock crates.

Robin knows stock crate work from the ground up having taken a job as welder gained from skills learned during his time as a fitter and turner in his youth.  Skills he has gathered from having a rural background, experience on dairy farms, as a traffic cop, working in employment consultancy, life insurance, with Coco-Cola and with Amway have offered excellent and diverse training for future business ownership. Owning a lunch bar taught him that owning a business and making a profit were two completely different things.

Through his job as a welder Robin had a business opportunity come his way. After navigating a few difficulties in a business partnership, he decided to go solo and lead his own enterprise. He believes “entrepreneurs don’t start businesses, technicians start businesses and then learn how to do everything else” and he doesn’t subscribe to working remotely, instead finding value in being there day-to-day. If he was going to own a business, he wanted his finger on the pulse and the ability to make decisions when needed without the hassle of consulting others or compromising in areas that he didn’t agree with. He brought skills with his hands, a good understanding of legislation, marketing, and people skills with him in his arsenal of experience.

Taking the risk to start a business has been a good one for Robin who has been at the helm of Total Stockcrates for eighteen years. Robin took part in Advanced Accountings Business Development Group (BDG) because Aaran McLeod came highly recommended to him by his bank manager.  After attending the preview session of BDG he felt that in comparison with previous business coaches he’d experienced, what Aaran offered was great content and support for a reasonable price.

Robin attended BDG with expectations he’d gain a more in-depth understanding of business, and he feels he gained some valuable insights.  He found that overall, he wasn’t doing too badly, and feels that BDG has had an unquantifiable and ongoing impact on his business, and maybe more so on his own personal development.

Robin would recommend BDG to other businesses “in a heartbeat” believing that it is good value for money and “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

Total Stockcrates will be building and repairing stock crates in Feilding with Robin cementing plans for the future in place. With a future mapped out long-term, he has a plan for how he’d like things to go for the next ten years.  There’s a reason he’s put so much time into making his office so comfortable—he’s planning on sticking around.

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