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Business and insurance are all about trust

Malcolm Frost has been a successful insurance advisor for over nineteen years making the leap to being his own boss two years ago.  Malcolm’s most enjoyed part of the job is talking to people, finding out what they need, and helping to protect them, their businesses and their families from unplanned, negative impacts on their livelihood.   Joining the BDG (Business Development Group) was a way for Malcolm to enhance his business skills and make sure that the wheels kept turning so he could focus on the part of the job he enjoys the most – a cuppa and a chat.

The commitment to trust group members was initially confronting for Malcolm as discretion is crucial in the sensitive and cut-throat industry that he works in.  Group members were reminded at the beginning of each session that everything they discussed was to remain in the boardroom, and eventually Malcolm relaxed and shared his business insights with the group.  He found the group support to be valuable and noted with interest the similarities and differences between businesses.  This offered him new perspectives and ideas.

Identifying that a weakness was having time to work ‘on’ his business Malcolm’s commitment to the material in the BDG allowed him to implement a lot of new systems and processes which contribute to a seamless, smooth-running operation in the background allowing him to focus on doing what he does best.  Putting the time into making change was hard, but improving his business operation and increasing its value as a result has been worth it.

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