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Dan Hardy – Hardy Rifle Engineering

Advanced Accounting’s Business Development Group set new Targets for Hardy Rifle Engineering

Hardy Rifle Engineering was built from Dan Hardy’s lifelong passion for hunting and the outdoors as well as his strong interest in engineering, especially in high-quality weapon components.

After initially finding a place to indulge his interests as an Armourer in the military, Dan found himself engineering and building parts for himself and his mates in his spare time as a hobby.  Eventually he decided to leave the military to pursue his passions full-time by launching into his own business where he could focus on high-end engineering and manufacture of guns and component parts.  The shift from working for the military to being in business for himself was a massive change but Dan was up to the challenge.  With his father and other family members being accomplished business people, Dan had business knowledge in the blood and felt it was a very natural progression for him.

After ten years developing and growing Hardy Rifle Engineering Dan took the opportunity to attend Advanced Accounting’s Business Development Group (BDG) to continue learning and grow his business.  Dan understands the value of continuous learning but as a man of high standards was only interested in high-quality content.  Aaran McLeod’s professional and straight forward approach seemed like the right choice and didn’t feel pushy or salesy.

Dan hoped to see his business through fresh eyes by attending the BDG and expected to get excited and enthusiastic about developing his business.  He was not disappointed, and feels he got far more than what he expected from the course.  He found that there were many occasions where sharing other group members’ business experiences was incredibly insightful.  Dan has taken a massive amount away from the course finding the content alone was powerful, but what he gained from other’s experiences was also hugely valuable. There were unexpected discoveries too like finding he had underestimated and overlooked the power of marketing.  While his company has an innovative culture, and Dan prides himself on his creativity and new product development, he found he needed to make massive changes around marketing and has since hired a dedicated marketing manager.

BDG made a huge impact on Dan’s business helping him initiate making changes the day after the first session.  The whole team at Hardy Rifle Engineering is evolving as a result of the course. Apart from the revelations around marketing, Dan has explored his company vision and values, worked on building a good team culture, examined their sales techniques, and massively improved their reporting and monitoring processes.  They are collaborating with long action-packed meetings assessing their reporting and monitoring results and making huge achievements.

Dan has already recommended the BDG to other businesses recognising the huge potential for growing and sustaining a profitable business with a great culture.

After spending ten years setting good foundations in place and growing Hardy Rifle Engineering to the business it has become today (employing twelve staff and having international stockists), Dan is excited about the next chapter for his business.  With his sights set on a target to invest himself more into new product development, increasing his team, and establishing a distribution model in U.S.A, Dan expects Hardy Rifle Engineering to experience massive growth in the not so distant future.

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